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19th-Jul-2013 06:25 pm - 30 DAY AION CHALLENGE
Each day there will be questions about Aion and you answer them. :) They will be posted at

Join in. :)
As anyone rejoining Aion because it's now free, I suggest you let the game update by launching it. Patch updates.
20th-Oct-2011 03:14 pm - 2 new Aion tumblrs
I was browsing my Tumblr Dashboard when I saw a post a friend reblogged from fuckyeahalliance. Being the Hordie that I am, I went to search for a fuckyeahhorde. I found one but it's not being used. This got me to thinking about Aion. I wanted to see if there was a fuckyeahasmodians to follow, if there were any Aion Confessions to follow or 'you know you're from Aion when', like WoW has. There wasn't so I made all except the 'you know you're from Aion' tumblr. I have not made a fuckyeahelyos so feel free if you wish.
Anyway, I don’t have the photoshop skills to make confession images so if anyone wants to volunteer, please give me your email in my ask/submit box (tumblr), dA note ore LJ PM and I’ll make you a member of that blog.
For Fuck Yeah Asmodians, I’d like it filled with Asmo screen caps, art, and anything celebrating Asmodians. If you would like to help contribute and reblog things to the blog, please contact me by the same methods above and I’ll make you a member.

4th-Jun-2011 10:10 pm - Aion on Tumblr
Here's a link to an unofficial Aion blog on Tumblr. They welcome all types of submissions if you're interested.


If you know of any other Aion related Tumblr blogs, let me know please. I'd love to follow some.

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18th-Mar-2011 08:40 pm - Aion wants you to come back
Aion is reactivating old accounts for a week during a week long event. A lot of things have changed so check it out. Maybe it's improved since the last time you played. You can find info about it here

I highly suggest reading the Reactivation FAQ here
7th-Sep-2010 08:22 pm - Server Population
Is there a site, other than the aion one (which is down) where I can see what servers are elly and asmo heavy? Thanks. Also in case you're wondering how long you have until the patch is up, check out
15th-Jul-2010 11:30 am - Server transfers?
Hey there!

I know that NCsoft is going to allow us free server transfers until August because of the merges, do I go about transferring a character? I can't seem to find any information about it.

I need to get my Asmodian off of my Elyos server as soon as I can, so any help would be appreciated!
31st-Mar-2010 09:17 pm - Can Anyone Shed Some Light?
Good evening. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Please hear me out. This is a long post, fyi.

I was banned from Aion yesterday for...idk what, actually. I was disconnected from the game, tried to log back in, and apparently I somehow breached the TOS. I did not receive an e-mail stating as to why, either. My characters are still in tact and still geared.

Mind you this: I've never bought kinah, never botted, nor have I ever used any third party programs.

But apparently, I did something to piss someone off.

A backstory:
Due to our original Brigade General being MIA for 4+ months, we decided that one of the remaining active Centurions would send a ticket in to get Brigade General transferred to one of us. There are two remaining, myself included. She sent the ticket, mentioning that the only Cents left playing in the legion were her and myself, (by character name).

About two weeks later, she gets Brigade General, but she also gets banned for three days; no e-mail, no warning, NOTHING. Reason being, after three days of waiting game, was due to a keylogger on her system. After scanning, she was clean. No keylogger nor evidence of whatsoever.

With her permission, I post their reasoning behind it. "We blocked the accounts to prevent anything bad from happening to the characters or violations from occurring on the account. The account was accessed by a group known for stealing account information and taking all items of value from the account to sell it to other customers."

Now, she gets her account back and is able to log-in normally again. Not even 5 minutes before such, I get banned from mine. Like her, I get no e-mail, no warning, nothing. I sent a support ticket, and I am currently playing the waiting game.

I'm beginning to wonder. A theory a legionmate of ours came up with is because I did log into her account to help her get a campaign done. I didn't touch anything other than a solitary Greater Running Scroll to get through a cluster of elite mobs. Perhaps my IP address got dragged into this somehow and got mistaken as something malicious?

Has this happened to anyone else? And if so, were you able to get your account back?

Thank you for reading.

-Ensus, Asmodian Gladiator of Marchutan
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