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3rd-Feb-2010 01:10 am - Late night Aion musings....
Well I'm up late playing Aion due to my recently acquired inability to sleep.

But I digress...the reason I am posting is because of something I believe I noticed something interesting in game, and I would like to see if anyone else can confirm this/point me to a source proving this to be correct.

When gathering, one is able to collect a maximum of 3 of an item (except for rare stones which may only be collected one at a time). When attempting to successively gather 3 items, I discovered that normally I am able to collect the first of the 3 with no problems. However, if I immediately double-click the item after successfully gathering the first, the second attempt will fail. Yet I'll have no problems collecting the third attempt.

Alternatively, if I wait one or two seconds between collecting the first and second attempts, I am able to collect all 3 with no problems.

Strange? Yes. If I am correct, this knowledge could potentially help people gain a higher yield of gatherables collected at the end of a farming period (albeit, also extending the time needed to gather slightly). I challenge anyone to tell I'm wrong about this. Try it for yourself and let me know!

Happy Aioning!
27th-Dec-2009 08:15 pm - Oldie but goodies...

Go-Go Yubari
17th-Dec-2009 02:28 pm - Screenshot!
After my month long break, I came back, and I'm ready for the last two levels (175% away from 50!). We were in Draupnir, and our tank was running around doing something for his Fenris armor, so I was getting stuck in the torch and had a pretty cool screenshot from it.

Absinthe the ChanterCollapse )

X-posted to aion_ladies
22nd-Nov-2009 01:19 am - Future Raid Content?
I'm the chanter in my static group. We're 47-49 at the moment, with the sorc and I falling behind because we're half heartedly taking breaks. I've noticed a lot of people who hit 40+ seem to slack off a bit, or quit outright because they didn't realize PVP was the end game, or were hoping for more PvE in the PvPvE part of the game.

I can't say I blame them, even if I do remember that the end game on L2 was all PVP and I had a grand time doing that when I was still playing that game before I got incredibly jaded about the bots there.

Does anyone know if there's going to be raid content for Aion? Like say, owning a fortress opens up more than 6 man mini dungeon, but something for an alliance or two? I had thought that there was going to be more PvE towards the end game, and I seem to recall that someone had read on AionSource that there was a content patch coming in Korea that was going to have more raid/PvE content. I admit, I haven't closely followed AS as much as I should've.

Anyways. I'd just like to say to all of the PVPing Asmos on Vaizel: get your shit together. Stupid glory hungry legions are screwing up what was left of the alliance in the wake of HA pussying out and quitting the server.
16th-Nov-2009 09:14 pm - AION GUIDE YOU
Hey guys,
I've been lurking for a little while and the time felt right to introduce myself.

I'm almost done with my first month of playing this game and I'm really enjoying it so far. I've dabbled in WoW and FFXI but I couldn't really get hooked to either of those like I am to Aion. I like that the game is still relatively new and theres a lot of mystery involved with a lot of the gameplay. I feel like that makes it more of a challenge/more fun.

So far I've only got Elyos characters, but I'm hoping to try Asmodian soon. I'm playing on Kaisinel right now. I've got a lvl. 23 Templar (Winrarz) and a lvl. 13 Ranger (Failrarz) as well as a lvl. 5 scout, who I will probably turn into an assassin.

I'm starting to get more into crafting. My templar has almost 80p on armorsmithing. And I really have to drag myself over to sanctum to level her armorsmithing skill. But now that I'm almost 80, its starting to pay off and I'm actually able to make useful things for friends :D

If anyone is interested in some lvl. 10-20 chain or plate armor/shields and helms, let me know. I am open to commissions. And everyone knows that crafted gear is better than mob drops!

I'm going to have my templar dabble in tailoring as well because I know a lot of people who use leather. My ranger will eventually go into the art of alchemy (cause I hear you can make bank on pots) and maybe weaponsmithing. We'll have to see how things go.
16th-Nov-2009 02:38 pm(no subject)
Hi there. :3

It's nice to see an Aion community on LJ! I think part of the reason I stumbled across this is because I wanted to confirm that sane people do in fact play this game. World chat is horrifying! I have two Elyos characters on Israphel:

Jiavanne and CojiCollapse )

I played FFXI for five years, and shortly after I quit that I came to Aion along with several FFXI and RL friends. My playstyle is really casual since I've got family and work to deal with first and foremost. And I'm pretty new (and shy) to PVP. So I guess I really am a noob in every sense of the word. I've been kind of keeping to myself and said friends because I am so new. Gets kind of lonely sometimes lol.

I just like having fun, exploring and meeting awesome people. So if you see me, feel free to say hi. :D
4th-Nov-2009 01:02 am - Question // Mini-intro?
Hi all, Erin from Azphel here! *wave*
(I'll do a real intro if we do that here, at some point. x_x;)

Anyway, I just had a quick question because I am pretty sure I saw one before... but lost it. But does anyone know if there a guide/translator out there that shows the conversion of Elyos<>Asmodian? And if so do they have a link? @_@ Thanks much!


P.S. dunno how I should/if I should tag this. x_x;
2nd-Nov-2009 11:23 am - featured!
I don't know if anyone reads the Aion official site, but yesterday I was featured in an Eye On Community article. :D
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